About Urban Gallery UK

Urban Gallery UK was formed by Paul Parsons in 2012 with the vision of creating artwork celebrating Portsmouth and commissioning local artists.

After some popular demand Urban Gallery UK began branching out to other concepts, targeting a wider audience; we now have an array of exciting artwork of National Football Teams, general hobbies from Yoga to British Comedy, to Music and Prestigious Venues.

Urban Gallery UK also creates Bespoke Artwork, such as baby name art, family trees, personalised football art and wedding invitations. There are no artistic limitations!

Portsmouth Artwork

Urban Gallery UK will always stay true to its Portsmouth roots and will continue to create new and exciting artwork that really celebrates our fantastic and vibrant city.

We have so much to be proud of, from the Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth Football Club,  Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, castles, cathedrals and of course the ever-evolving and current music scene on Albert Road! A loyalist of our city, we are keen to support and collaborate with local artists.

About Paul

After completing his Graphics and Illustration degree at the Kent Institute of Art and Design Paul returned to Portsmouth and began his Graphic Design career at the Portsmouth News and then a Media Agency.

After ten years in the industry Paul completed his PGCE at Portsmouth University and is now the course manager for AS Graphics at Havant & South Downs College. Paul had the vision for Urban Gallery UK in 2011 whilst on a road trip of USA.

From visiting the cities of Nashville, Savannah, Cape Cod, New York, Memphis and New Orleans, Paul was inspired by the loyalty and pride of the local people and their artwork, he was keen to create something similar for Portsmouth. Liverpool and other great places in the UK.

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About Lauren Mai

Lauren Mai Debnam is a student freelance graphic designer based in Portsmouth.

Branching out into the industry by creating local artwork and illustrations, her work looks amazing in any room and makes great gifts.

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